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Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


(First pages of the book under construction)

Street Fighter is coming to life in a book adapted. If by chance, as the desire of a fan I am, he will receive the version to the movies, with fidelity, what would be the best format?
(Please, to the right side, there are two options to vote.)

Computer Graphics ex: Beouwlf
Live Actions ex: 300

    The sky of blackness superb shrinks to gray cut out, when the white lightning screaming. Dispute that repeats as blink of an eye; constant.  All the great forest has your trees submissive to wills of the wind. That rough, doubled the galls almost to the ground, forcing the leaves have a feeling of are in ultimate moments of their lives. The leaves weakest always lost this fight. Still honored, the defeated fall and glide between thousands of dead leaves. The leaves seemed that were looking for a place for your rest. A crevice between timbers of an old house seemed like a good grave. Some ants are approaching,  the leaves allow their bodies can be used for the natural flow. The ants tear them in pieces,, and hundreds others have the same action. Ants in a row, follow with mutilated leaves on the back and go through small cracks in the small house. The crevices are different from earth and wood, change to old concrete. The ants walk on a torn paper, written many things, some blurred words, those that can be seen are: "" Unknown Location "," Thailand "," February 1973 "".

    A library within a small rectangle. Thousands of books are on top of shelves, chair, floor, ... Concrete walls maintain a low ceiling. Poor lighting, but notmiserable. A small iron table with numerous traces of rust compete for placeswith books.

    On one side of the table, sits a large man, his muscles fill perfectly the red cloth of a uniform, which inspires a military officer of any rank higher. Tissues in black, are the details at the ends of the uniform. He wears a military peaked cap, the same color of the clothing. In it there is an increase with a black symbol on the flap, two metal wings; valuable metal; are beautiful members of a bird carved from one piece of gold. In the middle of the wings, a skull, also glittering gold. -If there is any reference to death,  is the comprehension of the reader.

The flap covers his eyes and seems to hide his soul to the disinterested tenantsinsectsBut his face has a light and remarkable deductions. Parts of his face are serious expressions that contradict with neutral feelinginexplicable, variable, ... The word "Mystery" excellently employs this man. And whose your name, or commonly known as M. Bison.

   M. Bison sitting with elbows on the table, silent, and in their hands, and there are several large sheets of drawing with blue strokes of descriptive geometry. Thedesign has a form of machine parts.

To the right of M. Bison, also seated, is an old man, slightly gray hair, has orientaldescent, chest bent forward. Wore military uniform. He is a scientist, justnicknamed Old Scientist.

Behind, standing to the left of M. Bison, with beautiful hands on the shoulder him, silent, a woman of beauty in bold and underlined; big black hair, very, very black, European features, something like an Italian, her body was dressed in clothes from Thailand; flowers printed in the tissue with warm colors. - beautiful and has a poor reference, I know, but necessary._

The Old Scientist breaks the silence:
_How The Lord can see, this is the project according to your desire. Many years with him. Elaborating on it, refining it, and... he is ready!
The Old Scientist expected some comment. M. Bison, in silence, a sheet changes. No Praise struck, the old man follows his explanations.

_How Can see my Lordis a great machine and it will take years to buildParts, workers, big locations, briberyhuman guinea pigs for the experiments that we do...
The  Dark Haired Woman reproaches him with his eyes. The Old Scientist mattered little. He felt proudhis gestures were euphoricas if the project was something only his.

_All these things will be necessary... All of them will require a lot of money too_The Old man collects the enthusiasm, observes M. BisonHis eyes wrinkled slightly beg attention. Breathe... now, your eyes wanderseem architect, an argument of persuasionThe Old Scientist is content to make just a rhetorical question.

_Yesyes, yesThis project will consume a lot of money, as I saidBut my Lord is aware that until the machine is ready, also consume very, very... long Time!?

Now, the old man seems anxious look, sensation light, but attached to a factor of admiration; of submission shallow, almost disputable, waiting for a spectacle, an exhibition of an artist idol. M. Bison turns over a leaf; silent. Fractional second sallowing the Old Scientist can invade and find your eyes  Dark Haired Woman. The old man returns to look for his Master, the Mysterious. The old man seeks his eyes beneath the brim of his military peaked cap. Nothing. Only the muscles of the mouth and big chin initiating movements.

_I am god of many things. _MBison has a voice, even a low tone, strong, majesticworthy of an emperor. _But ... _M. Bison feels the need to expand their megalomania. _... god of Time...!? _He enjoys thinking in a grandiose future _... no! _Her lips arch slightly. A sound internal smile, smile hoarse.! _ The smile rises,... a guffaw.

And then, your eyes are displayed. The Possible spectacle that the Old Scientist longed to see. The Eyes of M. Bison have a shade of White Dwarf Star. The two spheres albs emit a tenuous sheen; contradiction is the perfect definition, the generator of this adjective seems serene.

_Not yet! Hahaha...!

The guffaw from M. Bison risesIt is visible satisfaction and evil in his faceThe Old Scientist is your faithful spectatorDo not lose any movement. The Dark Haired Woman looks both sorrowful countenanceM. Bison turns over sheet designfolds it and throws it on the table, in large letters, is written: "Psycho Drive".

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